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A New Face

I just gave this blog a facelift. Now the reading experience should be better and more consistent across all devices. I will keep the option of doing some more tweaks still, but this is pretty much how it is going to be in the future. Another thing I’m planning on doing is to use this … Continue reading

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Product Portfolio Planning Game, playtest #3

At the recent Play4Agile 2013 unconference, during the span of 24 hours (which included 7 hours of sleep), I made the alpha playtest version of this game. In this blog post I share the game as it was in the third play test version at 10:30 on monday 25th of February 2013. My objectives in designing this game are: to illustrate the problem of lacking a clear and shared business strategy and having a transparent and shared way to evaluate business value in the context of different needs of different business units when deciding what to build next … Continue reading