Background of the Research

The case projects that the knowledge presented in this blog originate from was carried out in the research group Agora Game Lab (only in Finnish) in the multi-disciplinary research center Agora Center in the University of Jyväskylä.

The projects undertaken by Agora Game Lab as well as the multi-disciplinary nature of the research group itself influenced the way that the case projects and consequentially my research were undertaken.

The projects that were underway during my research were CoEduGame and Virtual Peatland. All of the case development projects of GBLE were also parts of those projects.

This provided a real-life perspective to the design-based research. Instead of existing just for the research purpose, the products of the projects were going to be introduced to real uses.

The goals, resources and timetables of the research projects also shaped the goals and processes of the case projects. Integrating HCD methods to GBLE development was an important research theme in the CoEduGame project and an important part of the method of the research group itself, so this perspective was included in my research also.

Other important factor was the research group’s close collaboration with the IT department of the University. This materialized in using the student projects for development of GBLEs. This provided some opportunities and difficulties for the development and research. For example it was not granted that the student dev team would have the needed expertise to complete the project. On the other hand using similarly skilled university students provided a good baseline to compare different development processes and activities.

I’ve written this meandering account to provide the readers with some information to correlate the information provided on this blog. This is by no means a complete account of the environment that my knowledge on GBLE development was originated from but it should give a short account on the origin of my study.


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