New Examples of GBL for Software Engineering

Professor Pedro A. González Calero sent me a couple of links to add to the list of game-based learning products for software engineering I published a while ago. These are both in development at the GAIA group of Complutense University of Madrid.

JV2M is a knowledge-based learning environment where students can learn the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) structure and Java language compilation. The system presents a metaphorical 3D virtual environment which simulates the JVM. The user is symbolized as an avatar which is used to interact with the virtual objects. There is a technical report of the environment (in Spanish only) as well as screenshots of the game at the website.

VirPlay3D is a virtual environment for active learning of object-oriented design concepts.  VirPlay3D combines role-play with a virtual environment where students mimic the interactions produced in a role-play session in order to simulate an execution scenario from a case study. The second version of the product allows more experimentation in the environment. The website has slides that describe the product as well as video.

That’s all for now, the search continues!


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