Big Brother Awards Points for Watching Ads

(Via Kotaku) Jesse Schell’s speech in the DICE 2010 Summit last week has had wide media coverage. In the speech Schell, an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon, talks about the future of games as he sees it. Here’s the video.

Schell’s vision is a bit startling to say the least: constant surveillance combined with rewards (and penalties, too?) related to everyone’s every action. Even though the examples Schell gives include public sector uses in addition to the commercial ones it is easy to imagine that the business sector will be quicker to evolve in this direction, especially in regions that don’t have much in the way of legislation to prevent the kind of constant surveillance this kind of development needs.

There are also something to take home from this speech: Mechanisms that are there to encourage the kind of behavior and action that benefits the society could be informed by better game design.

Such game design innovations could be in the form of better reward systems that actually reward the beneficial actions (and cannot be cheated that easily), constant feedback and playful competition between peers facilitated by social web applications.

These could be applied to anything: reducing the carbon footprint of the society, corporate social responsibility, local activism, activeness in local democracy etc. etc.

Are there any applications that already take use of these kinds of systems?

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