Setting the Goal (for short term)

I’ve been designing this one game prototype for a while. It’s time to set the target so that I can get things done by the time I’m on my way to Play4Agile 2011.

In short: To create a game that is useful in learning about agile software development.

To unwrap it a bit more:

Useful in learning

  • Something to interact with
  • to help deepen your understanding,
  • to raise thoughts and questions,
  • to try out ideas.
  • Not something to use as the only source of knowledge.

Agile software development

  • The paradigm behind the agile manifesto, not specific models (such as Scrum), but the principles of agile and lean.
  • For the purpose of a prototype I will have to focus on a limited set of themes.

Learning situations

  • To use on your own, along with books and blogs and other sources.
  • To use on courses, like exercises, to promote discussion and allow active exploration.
  • To use with your colleagues, for another frame of reference and common experiences besides the things you do at work to support peer coaching.

This first game will be a proof of concept. I’m excited to see how it will turn out.

3 thoughts on “Setting the Goal (for short term)

    • Thank you for encouragement!

      As for the need, I certainly agree. We do not at the moment have a good way of learning to think about the systems of software development and the emergent properties of agile principles and practices.

      The only advice on how to get experience on these seems to be “just go and do it” but I think they might be ways to get relevant experiences other ways, too. Maybe not as easily transferable and straightforwardly relevant experiences, but valuable and helpful considered the ease and safety of getting them.

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