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Plan of Attack

So, I’ve got a target to reach and a fortnight until Play4Agile 2011 to reach it.

That may seem a short time but actually I think that after developing this thing on a back burner for a while it is actually good to have some pressure to create a proof of concept in a limited time now.

Plan of Attack on Batoche (1886) by Manitoba Historical Maps

I’ve made some further restrictions not directly related to my goal:


  • The genre of the game is going to be interactive fiction.
  • I’ll be using Inform 7 as the language for IF.
  • The release channel will be web. This may change if some technical risks are not resolved.
  • I want to have some way to record data on the gameplay of my prototype. This means that the game will be playable online and the actions of the players will be logged.


So in order to reach my goal I need to do three things:

  1. Make the game itself with Inform7.
  2. Install Parchment and deploy the game.
  3. Hack Parchment to enable logging of game events.

However, I can spend as much time as I can in the first item to make it as good as possible. That is, after all, the main focus and the rest are clearly secondary.

Monitoring Progress

I’ll measure my progress during these two weeks in order to ensure getting things done and to be able to make informed changes to my plan as I go. I’ll use a Google Spreadsheet to record my progress. I’ll use lines of code (LOC) of the Inform 7 game to monitor my progress on the game itself. For Parchment and Logging items I’ll use time use (I’ve timeboxed 4 hours to each item) as well as number of tasks completed. I will update these figures daily as it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to do so.

These are not particularly useful measurements and I wouldn’t measure anyone else’s progress with them. But as I understand their weaknesses I think I’m less tempted to modify my work habits to “make the numbers pretty”.

So, of I go, to work. Here’s a link to the Google Spreadsheet for you to monitor my progress. I’ ll also be reporting my progress on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Plan of Attack

    • Thanks Georgek for the link, that certainly looks like something that would be very useful for me. Now to see if Juhana Leinonen could spare the source code to a fellow Finn 🙂

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