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Onwards With the Customer Development Game Design

Yesterday I ran a little validation experiment over on Twitter and Google+:

The result was fairly positive. Even though I did not get a ton of RT’s or +1’s, I got my share of the love and people I respect showed their interest. Plus some LeanStartup related Twitter accounts followed me straight after.

So I got the signal I needed: I might be on the right track.

So the following night I designed the first test prototype, the simplest thing that could work. And tomorrow night I’m going to test it with three un-suspecting volunteers.

I’m going to continue reporting how this goes and add more detail later about the designs and experiments themselves. Just to give you a concrete example on how to design a game iteratively. And using Customer Development as well.


3 thoughts on “Onwards With the Customer Development Game Design

  1. I just started developing series of web based games to teach and practice SCRUM and Kanban. Till now I have just worked on a game called Ones game and can be accessed at the following URL:

    Please, try the version “Auto Mode with parameters” to run the game in auto mode with configurable parameters. This version of game also plots various graphs for visual feedback.

    Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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