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New Version of Our Plan for 201X Online!

I just updated the Our Plan for 201X page with the new version of the game. The game is now complete with printable handouts and facilitator sheets. Go check it out!

What is Our Plan for 201X? It is a game about strategic planning in software product development. People have different words for this kind of planning activity: product portfolio planning, project portfolio planning, strategic planning, product strategy, yearly planning etc.

My objectives in designing this game are:

  • to illustrate the problem of lacking a clear and shared business strategy and having a transparent and shared way to evaluate business value in the context of different needs of different business units when deciding what to build next.
  • to be plausible as a simulation of a conventional software-based product or service company with multiple departments dependent on IT for software and with traditional software development practices.
  • to have an engaging and activating simulation that can be played in less than an hour with a small group of business and IT leaders.

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