antti_romaMy name is Antti Kirjavainen.

This blog is about my main interests concerning games: game-based learning, agile games, game design and indie gaming.

I originally started this blog as a way to share my academic work on developing game-based learning environments. Time has passed, though, since I last was in the academic work.

Currently I’m an entrepreneur in Flowa along with my fellows. Much of my work is related to games and learning as I help individuals and organizations to improve the ways in which they do knowledge work in their organization, teams and networks.

I’m also interested in the development of software products as well as agile and lean. You can find more information on me in my LinkedIn profile.

In my dissertation work I researched the quality development process of digital game-based learning environments. The study is multi-disciplinary and aimed to provide valuable information on how to plan and arrange the development processes of future GBLE development endeavors. The Case Projects page describes the game projects related to my academic work in brief.

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